General queries

1 What is this website?
Our club is a provider of high-quality online gambling with several decades of experience in the gaming industry. We are the provider of choice for thousands of regular customers. Here, you can find your favorite slots and a familiar atmosphere, enjoy the sweet taste of victory and indulge in high-octane excitement.
2How can I register?
To register, you just need to press the “Register” button at the top of the website, enter your current email address and come up with a password to use to log in to your profile. You can also register through one of the available social networks. It's that simple! You are now the proud owner of an account on our website and can play, win and withdraw your winnings.
3 How do I sign in to my account?
If you have already registered on our website, you can log in to your account by pressing the “Log in” button, and then entering your email address and password. If you registered using a social network, simply press the icon with its logo. Please note that your account with our club will be linked to your social media account
4 How do I play on your website?
If you have already registered on our website, you can log in to your account by pressing the “Log in” button, and then entering your email address and password. If you registered using a social network, simply press the icon with its logo. Please note that your account with our club will be linked to your social media account
5How can I change my email address?
You can change the email address linked with your 7slots account, by contacting the customer support of our casino. You are able to use the most convenient way to contact us: live-chat, email or a phone number. After passing the survey - the email address changing request will be sent to you.
6 Do I need any documents to play on your website?
As per our club's rules, the casino's management may request documents in order to confirm a customer's identity. The procedure is straightforward and each customer only has to go through it once. If a customer cannot provide their documents for any reason, the Company has the right to suspend their account until their identity can be verified.
7 How do I find my favourite game?
You can use our convenient search function on the right-hand side of the homepage, under the Checkout. As soon as you start typing the name of a game, the system will automatically show you all matching titles, which is handy if you don’t remember the full name.

Deposits and withdrawals

1 How do I make a deposit and withdraw my winnings?
In order to make a deposit, you need to press the “Deposit” button and select a payment system that is convenient and available to you, then enter the amount you would like to deposit and the necessary details. Then press the “Pay” button.
To withdraw your winnings, you just need to go to the nearby ‘Withdraw’ tab and select the payment system you would like to use for the withdrawal, then enter the amount and all the necessary details.
2 What is the minimum deposit amount on your website?
Our project's minimum deposit amount 1 $ is for all payment systems.
3What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
This depends on which payment system you wish to use to withdraw your winnings. If you would like to make a withdrawal using one of the available electronic wallets , the minimum deposit amount is 1 $. If you would like to make a withdrawal onto a card, the minimum amount is 1 $.
4 I made a deposit but the money hasn’t appeared on my account. What do I do?
It can take up to an hour for the funds to appear on your account after you make a deposit. If the money is still not there after an hour, please contact our Online Help team by pressing the corresponding button on the right of the screen. Our specialists will help you promptly resolve this issue.
5 How quickly are withdrawals processed?
This depends on the amount you want to withdraw. If the amount is under 299 USD , requests will be processed within three working days. However, we always try to get your winnings to you as fast as possible

Withdrawals may take longer for the reasons described in the terms and conditions of our project.
6 I made a withdrawal request, but the money is still in my balance. Why is this?
When you make a withdrawal request, the amount is not frozen or deducted from your balance. You can continue to play using this money. However, we recommend that you keep an eye on your balance while playing – if it drops below the amount you requested to withdraw, your withdrawal request will be canceled.
7 Why do I get the “Insufficient funds on your account” message when attempting to make a withdrawal?
This message appears if the player's balance is below the minimum required to use a given payment method (card: 1 $ ), (electronic wallets:1 $). Another reason could be that you are attempting to create a duplicate withdrawal request (the value of any requests you make must equal the amount in your balance).
8Why do you charge withdrawal fees?
Our casino requires your deposits to be wagered twofold before you can make a fee-free withdrawal. This is to prevent our casino being used as a currency converter. You can either keep playing and complete the necessary wagering requirement or accept the fees. Please see clause 8.11.4 in our Club’s Terms and Conditions for more information on this rule.
9 My request to make a withdrawal onto a bank card was successful. The money has been deducted from my balance, but has not appeared on my card. Why is this?
Once the money has been deducted from your casino balance, it may take up to 24 hours to appear on your card while it is processed by the system. However, this is the maximum – the money usually appears much faster.
10 How can I cancel a withdrawal request?
You can cancel a withdrawal yourself in the “Payment history” section. Otherwise, you can contact the Customer Support team and inform them of your decision. Your request will be forwarded to the finance team and your withdrawal request canceled as soon as possible.
11 Can I speed up my withdrawal request?
This is not possible, as withdrawal requests are processed on a first come, first served basis. Each withdrawal is processed as quickly as possible
12 Why are withdrawal requests divided into multiple requests of 250 $ each?
This is the limit of the payment system we use to process payments. When requesting to withdraw more than 250 $ , your withdrawal will be divided into one request of 250 $ , and another with the remainder. However, there is no limit on how much you can withdraw from your account. Withdrawals are processed within the time limits specified on the website.
13Why did you take more money from me than I specified at the Checkout when making a deposit?
Neither we nor the payment system charge any fees for making deposits. The difference between your deposit and the amount you pay is the conversion difference. When you make a deposit, your transaction goes through a processing system which shows your balance in the relevant currency, after which it is sent to your wallet/card. Generally speaking, your wallet/card’s exchange rate is higher, which results in the higher amount. This is the conversion difference.
14 Why do I have to wait for my withdrawals when deposits are processes instantly?
When you make a deposit, the transaction is processed automatically, which means it is completed instantaneously

When you make a withdrawal from our club, each request is reviewed manually by a specialist to verify that everything is in order and to reduce the risk of fraud.

Promotions and bonuses

1 What are points?
These are special reward units which are only valid on our website. These points are automatically credited whenever you play any slot game. All you have to do to earn them is place bets. When your total stake placed in bets reaches 3 $, you will automatically get +1 point. Once you have collected the required number of points, they can also be exchanged for real money at the exchange rate offered. Additionally, the more points you have, the higher your status in our club, which unlocks a wide range of privileges and opportunities. You can read about our loyalty program here.
2 What is a bonus?
Bonuses are additional funds for you to play with, and are credited to you as a gift from our club. To withdraw bonus funds, you first need to wager them. You can get bonuses through our various promotions, some of which are run on a regular basis, while others take place on special dates. We recommend that you keep an eye on our club's newsletters, which often include tempting offers.
3 What are wagering and redeeming?
Wagering is the process of meeting the requirements of a bonus promotion in order to be able to withdraw the prize. To redeem a bonus means to stake a certain amount while playing, regardless of the outcome (i.e. every spin using real funds). All bonuses have a wagering requirement – this is the number of times you need to wager the bonus amount. For example, if a bonus has a wagering requirement of x20, it means that in order to withdraw a 100 $ bonus, you would need to wager a total of 2 000 $.
4 Which games can I wager bonuses in?
Bonus wagering requirements can only be met in slot games. The following games only accept bets using real funds: European Roulette, American Roulette 3D Classic, Lucky Sevens Blackjack, Oasis Poker Classic, Oasis Poker Pro Series, Baccarat 777, Russian Poker, Poker Teen Patti, Talismans of Fortune, Atlantis, Football, Courier Sweeper, Rock vs Paper, and Bomb Squad. You cannot use your bonus balance or wager bonuses in these games.
5 What happens if I don't wager a bonus?
If you attempt to make a withdrawal, any unwagered bonuses will automatically be deducted from your balance, in accordance with our club’s rules. However, you can withdraw the rest of the money in your balance as usual. Only the bonus amount will be deducted.
6 Where can I see my wagering progress?
All the information about your wagering progress and the amount you need to wager can be found in the Withdraw section at the checkout.
7 Do I have to keep wagering the bonus if there is nothing left in my balance?
Bonus wagering requirements are automatically canceled if your bonus balance reaches zero.
8Do I need to wager the cash prizes that I get on the Wheel of Fortune?
Any funds you win on the Wheel of Fortune are considered a bonusand must therefore be wagered. The wagering requirement for this bonus is x30.
9 How do jackpots work?
If, while playing, you get the best winning combination in any of our website’s slot games, you will immediately be entered into an automatic jackpot draw. Please note: getting the best possible combination is not the same as winning the jackpot, which you may or may not win, based on the result of an instant draw. If you are one of the lucky winners, you will receive a notification on the website and our representatives will be in touch with you. Good luck
10 How do I get my bonus from an email you sent me?
You need to open the link in the email. All you have to do is press the button in the email, which will redirect you to the website, then make a deposit. Please note that in order for the bonus to be credited, you need to make the deposit straight after opening the link. If you haven’t received your bonus, please contact our specialists (Online Help) and they will help resolve your issue.
11 Will I get a prize if I reach Super VIP status more than once?
Whenever a player reaches Super VIP status, they get a special prize: a spin on the VIP Wheel of Fortune, which gives them the chance to win huge prizes. The VIP Wheel of Fortune is available for 48 hours each time the Super VIP status is reached, and can only be accessed on the full version of the website. If you are playing on a mobile device, we recommend that you log in on a computer.

Technical questions

1What do I do if I forget my password?
You need to press the ‘Forgot password?’ button and enter the email address you used to register your account. You will then get an email with a form for restoring your password.
2 I have not received an email verification message. What do I do?
First of all, you should check your Spam or Promotions folder, where the email could have ended up by mistake. If they don't contain the email, you can make another request in the Profile menu on the website. Please note that the email may arrive up to 30 minutes after you register. If more than 30 minutes have passed, you should contact the Customer Support team.
3 When I try to open a game on my computer/laptop, the game doesn't load and I just get a black/white screen.
If you are using a browser other than Chrome, you may need to update your Adobe Flash Player plugin (you don't need to do this in Chrome). You could also check your browser for updates and clear your temporary files, cache and cookies in the history section.
4 How do I clear my cache?
Google Chrome/Yandex: to clear your browser's cache, simply press Ctrl + H. In the window that pops up, press “Clear browsing data” and, when a new window appears, press the same button, first making sure the “Cookies and other site data” box is ticked. We strongly recommend selecting “All time” as the time range.

Mozilla Firefox: Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete. In the “Clear Recent History” window, select the period for which you would like the browser to delete data from the “Time range to clear” drop-down menu. Then, open the Details pane and check that only the “Cached Web Content” option is selected. Press ”Clear”.

Opera: Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete. In the “Clear browsing data” window, select the period for which you would like the browser to delete data. Make sure that only the “Cached images and files” option is selected, then press “Clear browsing data”.

Safari: In the browser menu, select Safari → Preferences → Advanced. Enable “Show Develop menu in menu bar”. In the browser menu, select Develop → Empty caches.
5 How do I update Flash Player?
Adobe Flash Player is a free program for viewing video and audio content. To update Flash Player, go to and press “Download”. Then close the browser and install the program.
6 Can I clear my payment history on the website?
This is not an option that we offer.
7 Can I delete my account?
We do not technically allow you to block or delete accounts. If you no longer wish to play at our casino, you can simply stop visiting our website. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters using the special link at the bottom of any email that we send you.

We would appreciate it if you could tell us the reason you are leaving us in whichever way is easiest for you – this will help us improve the user experience on our website in the future.
8 What do I do if I get a bonus level or free spins but the game freezes?
If this happens, please stop playing that game and contact the Customer Support team (Online Help) so that our specialists can record information about the crash and forward a request for you to be compensated.

Please note that if you continue to play the game and allow time to pass before contacting the support team, it will be extremely difficult to determine when the crash occurred. We ask that you contact us immediately after the incident, as this will help resolve your issue more quickly.


1 I didn’t find an answer to my question.
If you didn't find what you were looking for, please contact us as soon as possible in whichever way is easiest for you:

By telephone: +90 (212) 900-52-46

By emailing us at:

Or by contacting one of our customer support operators via the “Online Help” button.
2I want more bonuses. How can I get them?
We are always ready to give our customers the very best, including bonuses to play with. Keep an eye out for our newsletters – they often contain something tempting, and there’s never a chance to get bored with our daily tournaments and regular lotteries. You can find more promotions at any time in the Promotions section on our website. We also recommend that you provide us with your phone number, and we will be sure to keep you up to date with our hottest bonuses.
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