Loyalty program update!

16 January 2024

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Loyalty program update!

Changes will be rolled out at 1st of February

⚡️We want to inform you that the terms of the Loyalty Program have been updated per the information provided in this newsletter. First of all, points now will be equal to a new value. Secondly, point-to-real money exchange will be updated for all statuses.✅🆕

  1. Point now will be a price of 2 $.
  2. Point to real money exchange will be updated for all statuses:

  • Beginner: 600 points
  • Bronze: 525 points
  • Silver: 450 points
  • Gold: 375 points
  • Platinum: 300 points
  • Diamond: 225 points
  • Super VIP: 150 points
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